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Composition Ornaments for Frames, Mirrors and Wall Decor

Composition ornaments or compo has long been a part of traditional picture frame and mirror manufacturing. 

The pliability of Bomar Designs’ appliqués allows them to conform to any moulding profile and create high-end, closed-corner, museum-quality frames and mirrors.

Frame MouldingOur time-tested formula gives you consistent, detailed ornaments that don’t shrink or crack and are easy to apply and finish. 

Use our composition ornaments on:

  • Custom Crafted Picture Frames
  • Museum Frames
  • Closed Corner Frames
  • Oval Frames & Mirrors
  • Ornate Mirrors
  • Trumeau Mirrors
  • Cheval Mirrors
  • Wall Décor
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Check out how easy it is to apply and finish our composition ornaments

Steaming composition ornaments for frame mouldings
Applying composition ornaments for frame mouldings
Finishing composition ornaments for frame mouldings
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