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Our Appliqués and Onlays are Unique

Bomar Designs’ appliques and onlays become pliable and self-bonding to most ANY flat or irregular surface which sets them apart from all other appliqués.

Unique Appliques and OnlaysWhen steamed our composition ornaments have the unique and amazing ability to be:

  • temporarily flexible and self-adhesive
  • curved, wrapped, cut apart and reconfigured into new designs
  • pieced together with seamless joints
  • painted, stained, gilded and glazed

The appliqués cure over time to a near rock-like hardness.

Each composition ornament is individually crafted by hand, many from original hand-carved wood onlay molds.  Freshly made composition ornaments are the easiest to use therefore we don’t keep any ornaments in stock.  Your order is made especially for you.

Bomar Designs’ appliqués are used on furniture, frames and mirrors and architectural details.

Browse our catalogs of appliques and onlays

Browse our catalogs of appliques and onlays

Check out how easy it is to apply and finish our decorative appliqués and onlays.

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